Pandemic Flu Planning

Influenza pandemics are naturally recurring events that can happen with little or no warning. In 2009 we witnessed the sudden emergence of the H1N1 virus which quickly swept around the globe.

Provide your clients with the assurance that when another pandemic occurs, they will be properly prepared. Affiliated Physicians is at the forefront of pandemic flu planning by providing essential services to forward thinking companies around the world.

The Affiliated Physicians Pandemic Flu Antiviral Program will help prepare your company to protect its employees from pandemic outbreaks.

Program Benefits

  • Pandemic consultation
  • Antiviral acquisition and storage by Affiliated Physicians ensures availability of appropriate vaccine
  • Employee communication and education tools
  • On-site employee health assessments performed by licensed clinicians
  • Easy-to-use online vaccination registration
  • Multiple antiviral distribution options available
  • Detailed reporting