Comprehensive Physical Examination

Affiliated Physicians has been providing comprehensive physical examinations since our founding in 1982.

The comprehensive physical exam experience with Affiliated Physicians is an enhanced version of an annual physical. It includes an extensive battery of advanced diagnostic tests, a private physician consult, the comfort and convenience of a well-appointed facility, and a detailed written report. The entire experience is tailored to a patient’s individual needs and provides a proactive opportunity to gain a complete picture of one’s own health.

Direct health plan billing offers a no cost option for many employers. Your employee’s comprehensive physical exams could be paid for by your healthcare company. Contact us for more information.

Program Benefits

  • Convenience: All tests and screenings are completed within one visit, at one location. With Affiliated Physicians there is no need for the inconvenience of referrals or multiple appointment days.
  • Personal attention: From a personally assigned Health Service Coordinator to an extended private consult with a physician, attention to the needs of our patients is our highest priority.
  • Concierge service: Our well-appointed facility offers private locker rooms, an executive lounge and café, and complimentary massage.
  • Detailed health report: Each patient receives a detailed exam report and personalized health recommendations.

See how the Affiliated Physicians comprehensive physical exam compares to a standard exam:

On-Site Clinical Service Standard Exam Affiliated Physicians Exam
Medical history Included Included
Physical exam Included Included
Laboratory blood analysis Included Included
Urinalysis Included Included
Vision assessment Included Included
Resting electrocardiogram (EKG) Included Included
Extensive time with a physician Included
Lifestyle risk assessment Included
Stool examination for occult blood Included
Tonometry/glaucoma testing Included
Audiometric/hearing screening Included
Spirometry/pulmonary function test Included
Cardiac C-reactive protein (CRP) testing Included
Thyroid function test Included
Pap test Included
Detailed exam results provided to patient Included
Additional on-site services available per company-specific protocol
Chest x-ray Included
Cardiac stress test Included
Prostatic specific antigen (PSA) screening Included
Bone density test Included
Mammography Included
STD testing Included
Flu vaccination Included
Travel immunizations Included
Patient Experience Standard Exam Affiliated Physicians Exam
Complete exam within one visit, at one location Included
High-touch customer service Included
Well-appointed facility Included
Personally assigned Health Service Coordinator Included
Private locker rooms and comfortable scrubs to wear Included
Executive lounge and café Included
Complimentary massage Included
Electronic medical records Included

Tests and services provided may be based on patient’s age, gender, medical history, and company-specific protocol. Some patient benefits are exclusive to the New York city location.