Second Wave of Flu Hits New York Tri-State Area

April 18, 2014

Typically, flu season peaks during mid-winter, with a steady decline into the spring. However, this spring, the virus has actually had a major uptick in cases. In the first week of April, New York State reported about 2,600 instances – a 23% increase over the previous week, and 648 hospitalizations – a 29% increase. In fact, the 648 hospitalizations were the highest for any week this flu season.

New Jersey has also reported a sudden increase in cases, with the current spread rated as high, an upgrade from the previous moderate rating. Most cases have been amongst those aged 25 to 40, typically the least vaccinated age group.

In both states, this sudden resurgence of flu has been attributed to a shift in the prevalent strain of the virus. Whereas most cases this winter were of H1N1 (commonly known as swine flu), current cases are primarily of an Influenza B strain. However, CDC has confirmed that the prevalent strain of this spring flu was indeed included in this season’s flu vaccine.

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